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Sandy Tracey Fine Art

Thornton, CO


"My acrylic paintings will never be accidentally confused as a photograph."

I love to use the striking shapes of nature to create my various colorful interpretations of the the world. I use colors that are bold & dynamic... an "in your face" style. My ideas for paintings are taking either from sketches, plein air painting or photographs that I have taken personally. I work primarily in acrylics, but occasionally switch to watercolors, markers, & mixed media. To me color is everything! I love the shapes & textures as well as the shadows on an image. I try to use the play of light & shapes of what I see & convert it into fun interplay of colors.

I have been painting & drawing ever since I was a small child. My mother used to give me crayons & a coloring book when I was still in the crib. I would be busy while sh would be sewing something in my bedroom. One day, she was getting the house cleaned up for a dinner party that evening. As usual, she gave me my crayons & coloring book, but left me alone so she could clean the house. Well, to her horror, when she came back to the bedroom, I had drawn on each bar on the crib, every wall space between the bars as far up as I could reach using every color in the crayola box of course! There was no time to clean it up before the guests arrived, so she did the next best thing, she brought everyone in to show off what her little artist had created. I was off to a running start! Since then, painting has been my passion!

I have had work exhibited in galleries and shows throughout Arizona, including: Scottsdale, Sedona, Tucson, Tubac, Mesa, Tempe, Peoria, Avondale, Apache Junction, Globe, Superior, Cottonwood, and Flagstaff. My collectors reside in Arizona, Michigan, California, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, North Carolina, New York, Florida, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

I have several different series that I have been working on: Cactus of a Different Color, Route 66, Organic Abstracts. I also completed a year-long a Painting a Day Blog in which I have sold over half of the paintings as soon as I posted them.

I am now living in Colorado, and beginning a new series of florals as well as learning marquetry (wood inlay).


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